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Ivan Nikko Jerez grew up on a farm with the family. Life was simple. Finished the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as a working student. During the daytime, Ivan worked as a Graphic Artist, Sales Agent, and Computer Technician to earn money for school. He spent half of his night at school – studying.

After the degree, he worked as an Accounting Staff in a prestigious company and spent 3 years for it. As time passed by, he then decided to find a job that can help him to enhance his skills and knowledge. And that’s how he found Managed Services Partners LLC. Worked as an agent until given the opportunity to prove himself and now blissfully working as an IT Manager of the company.

He is now spending his time on his dream job – the IT field. He’s also glad that all of his co-workers push him to exceed his limits and be the person he wants to be. He always creates the highest grandest vision possible for his life because he always thinks that he become what he believes.

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