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JON ROOS | Chief Executive Officer

Jon Roos is a proven professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. With expertise in capital and operating expense negotiations for ATMs, Software and Services, Jon is well positioned to deliver positive results. He has gained a deep understanding of the financial industry through his many roles at a leading ATM manufacturer. As part of his responsibilities, Jon began to manage contracts for OEM services, negotiating terms, conditions and rates for hundreds of millions of dollars in total value.

Jon proved to be so effective in negotiating he was promoted to director of services. In this role he was responsible for managing and training a team of contract negotiators responsible for the growth of the North American Managed Services market.

After many years of service Jon understood that his knowledge base could be better used to create mutually beneficial relationships for financial institutions and servicers. Jon brings all of his experience to the table on your behalf. He is able to create a deep partnership with providers that will drive success.

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